What people say about us

What people say about us...

Men’s Shed Hatfield are very happy to call Breaks Manor our home. In fact, we have recently expanded and installed a second ‘shed’, meaning more people can come and join our organisation. We have the space to work collectively, or on solo projects if a bit of peace and quiet is needed.
Peter Lowe
Peter Lowe
Founder of Men's Shed Hatfield
We provide a one-to-one therapeutic therapy service within Breaks Manor. We use the top floor 3 evenings a week, hoping within the next few months to expand the service to 4 evenings a week. We have been providing a service within the main house at Breaks for over 4 years. As you can imagine this is an old house and therefore needs repair, since Elaine has been behind the scenes anything that needs doing is done, this ranges from a blocked toilet to a the heating not working. Elaine cares that we are happy and not only wants the best for the house but also wants to ensure we are happy.
Anesta Edge
Chief Executive Officer
H'arts In Mind have found a home here at Breaks Manor. Since starting our art sessions here in a very short space of time we have doubled our group members. Elaine is very helpful and we love the art room, everything is set up for us when we arrive. Thank you Breaks!
Kim Rasit
Trustee of H'arts In Mind