A welcome from our President.

A welcome from our President

My family are very proud of our long shared history with Breaks Manor.  Since Breaks opened its doors in 1951, we have been actively involved – not only holding the role of Honorary Presidents but as members too, enjoying the events and activities organised by the team of hugely enthusiastic volunteers who work tirelessly to support our younger generations.  As a Youth Club serving the young people of Hatfield, Breaks became a safe haven for children whose families had moved after the war to where there were jobs. De Havilland were major employers and amongst the many early supporters of the Club. Generations of Hatfield young people have enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere and the diverse activities of the Club with the parents often generously volunteering in turn. 

Now Breaks welcomes the wider community. All ages can meet and enjoy activities and hobbies and make friends. 

I would encourage you to sign up as a Member.  You will receive invitations to our Member events, and you will also be the first to receive our quarterly newsletters telling you about everything else that’s going on. 

We would also love to hear your ideas, or indeed if you would like to volunteer or run an event yourself.  

I look forward to seeing you over the next few months and trust you enjoy spending your time at Breaks Manor as much as I do.

Lady Salisbury

Lady Salisbury