About Breaks Manor

About Breaks Manor

Breaks Manor Youth and Community Centre is a voluntary organisation and registered charity set in a large manor house close to the town centre of Hatfield. Breaks Manor has been a youth centre since 1951 and provides a venue for a range of local community groups and organisations.

YC Hertfordshire utilise space for the delivery of services to young people through the C Hertfordshire Young Peoples Centre and for the delivery of a range of early intervention and prevention projects for young people. Please visit www.ychertfordshire.org for more information

Supported by the Management Committee, the Centre is run by a small team of staff and a large family of volunteers.

Many Hatfield residents of all ages talk fondly of their times spent at Breaks Manor and we are delighted that the enthusiasm within the town remains.

Breaks Manor, 70 years on, continues to evolve and adapt to meet and support the needs of all the community from the disadvantaged, the neurodiverse, the lonely, the young to the elderly and many other social groups.

Come and join us!